Brother R.N, Ipswich

"....I joined Christchurch Lodge in November 1995 following my Grandfather, Father and three Uncles and have since been joined by a cousin and two of my brothers in law. A bit of a family affair really. My Great Grandfather was also a Mason in Kings Lynn so I know that I’m at least the fourth generation in my family to join the Craft.... I have always enjoyed my Masonry. With its many different aspects that combine history, tradition, drama, ceremony, personal fulfilment and development it encompasses many of the subjects that I find interesting and believe to be important."

Brother D.W, Woodbridge

"....I was encouraged into Freemasonry by my neighbour having been kindly invited to his Ladies Night. I loved the formality, traditions and warmth of friendship. Unlike many, I have no known family members as Masons, but as you would expect, immediately welcomed in to the fraternal arms of Freemasonry."

Brother D.A, Hadleigh

"....I've met fascinating people and heard wonderful tales. I was worried that I had joined too young, and that I would be unable to relate with older brethren but again, the basis of freemasonry gives me an opportunity to begin conversations with anyone.... I've seen some brilliant ceremonies and I will aspire to take great pride in my ritual. This year has been so interesting and I've learned so much but the anticipation of so much more understanding is quite something. Thank you so much to everyone iv met and who have welcomed me so warmly."

Brother A.R, Great Yarmouth

....whist I was working in London to supplicate my salary every weekend I served Petrol at a Petrol Filling station in Edgeware where I lived. After working there for a couple of months I noticed that my manager would go off on a Saturday morning wearing a black suit white shirt and black tie together with a small black case. One of my colleagues a grumpy old welsh man said Quote "There he goes off to the bloody masons again and we are here doing his work for him" I subsequently found out that his daughters husband had tragically died in a road accident and he was taking care of them all. This further made me more interested in becoming a mason as I thought what a kind caring man, father and grandfather he was and if being a mason could make me more aware of my duties as a husband and father and caring individual I wanted to be like him.....  I would say I would recommend freemasonry to any suitable person as the best Hobby anybody could possibly have perhaps my story could encourage others to join this wonderful caring and charitable organisation.